The Auction has ended.  Thank you to all who participated.

The Coronavirus shutdowns have given many of us a lot more time at home.  But for first responders and essential workers, they continue to press on every day to help keep the most crucial aspects of our daily lives up and running. While at home, we wanted to combine our love of all things Disney with some creativity and design something that could raise money for these brave heroes.

So, we came up with the idea of making a life-sized Mickey Mouse Sculpture out of LEGO bricks. We like to call him “Brickey”. And we’re going to be auctioning him off with 100% of the proceeds to go to charity.  It’s our small way of saying thank you to those that make our everyday lives possible.

Please take a moment to share this page on your social media to help spread the word about this auction, and together we’ll help raise a great donation for a very worthy cause.

How Lego Mickey Was Made

Our Lego Mickey Mouse was made from approximately 9,000 individual lego bricks, from 1×1 up to 2×8 size.  He took about a week to build, excluding the time needed to order missing lego bricks.

We bought our Lego bricks from a great site called Bricklink. Bricklink is an online marketplace for people to buy and sell new and used Lego bricks and sets.  It’s a great resource if you need a specific number of Lego bricks in very specific colors.

Designing the build was probably the hardest part.  Fortunately for us, we were able to locate a program called Brickr, that allows you to take a 3D model and convert it into a Lego design.  Thanks so much to the Brickr developers for making it available.

We knew that he wouldn’t stand on his own without some type of support, so we used an extruded aluminum form as an armature to keep him supported all the way through.  We decided not to glue the individual Lego bricks so the Lego bricks could theoretically be used again if someone wants to disassemble him.

Lego Bricks
Hours to Build
Inches Tall

Lego Mickey Mouse Auction

The goal of this project was to raise money for a worthy cause, so to that end, we will be auctioning this sculpture to the highest bidder.  More details will follow, but check back here, or follow us on Facebook here, for updates.

The Auction is now live on eBay at the following link:

Transporting this sculpture will be tricky.  UPS or FedEx will probably not be an option here.  We are located in the Boston, MA area and will be happy to hand-deliver this to the winning bidder if they are within 500 miles, or are willing to drive to meet us within 500 miles of Boston or Virginia Beach, VA.  Outside of that, we’d ask that you make your own shipping arrangements, but we’re happy to help facilitate.

About the Charity

Operation First Response has 16 years of experience in serving America’s Finest. During the COVID-19 Pandemic we are focusing on all basic emergency needs for our First Responders and Healthcare Workers located in communities across the nation. We the People, as the recipients of their sacrifices, need to be there for our nation’s Heroes who are fighting on the front lines to keep us safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Disclaimer: The winning bid on this auction is not tax deductible.  The proceeds from the auction will be donated by The Vacationeer, Inc. to Operation First Response.

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